Christian Hallman and Grindhouse Pictures Sensoria, written by yours truly, is/was available on VOD in North America (on iTunes, Xbox, Amazon, Vimeo, through Toronto-based 108 Media and in Sweden and Scandinavia (on SF Anytime and Telia) through Njutafilms.

Released on DVD (Reg.2, with English subtitles) in Scandinavia by Njutafilms; as a Special Edition (Reg.1, jam-packed with bonus mtrl.) in North America, courtsey of 108 Media; also released on DVD in Japan; Germany (through AL!VE); Belgium and Benelux by Zeno Pictures.

The award winning soundtrack, by composer Frank Ilfman, is released through Screamworks Records, digital (iTunes, Amazon) and on CD.

The World Premiere took place at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas (in Sept, 2015) and The European Premiere took place at FFF aka Lund International Fantastic Film Festival in Sweden (in Oct, 2015).

The Sensoria 2015/2016 festival tour included: Telluride Horror Show in Colorado, USA; Mórbido Fest in Mexico City; Monsters of Film in Stockholm, Sweden; Abertoir: Wales’ International Horror Festival at Aberystwyth Arts Centre; Leeds International Film Festival, UK; Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival, New York; Fancine aka Festival de Cine Fantástico de la Universidad de Málaga, in Spain;

Monster Fest in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia; A Night of Horror in Sydney, Australia; Fantasporto in Porto, Portugal (where it won the Audience Award); BIFFF aka Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in Belgium; Nocturna in Madrid, Spain; Fantaspoa, XII Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico de Porto Alegre in Brazil; Fantastic Zagreb in Croatia; Grossmann: Fantastic Film & Wine Festival in Slovenia; Lună Plină: Festival de Film Horror & Fantastic in Romania; Dead Lake Horror & Wine Festival in Serbia; Splat Film Fest Horror Festival in Lublin, Poland; Feratum Film Fest in Tlalpujahua, Mexico; and Horrorthon in Singapore.


Sensoria also received a limited theatrical release in selected cinemas, in Sweden, during the fall 2017. It was even featured on a Halloween Double Bill, alongside Dario Argento's classic horror movie, alongside Dario Argento's classic horror movie Suspiria, on October 31 at Kino in Lund.


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 aka Thunbergs Manusverkstad

Magnus Hedberg's From the depths of my heart (orig. Från djupet av mitt hjärta) also written by yours truly, was released in selected cinemas (and on VOD) in Sweden in May 2015 through Njutafilms.

The DVD (featuring a commentary track with- and a Behind the scenes-featurette shot, chopped and narrated by me) was released in August, 2015 courtesy of Njutafilms.

The International Premiere happened at Helsinki International Film Festival (aka Love & Anarchy) in Finland, September, 2015; and the North American Premiere took place at Scandinavia House in New York City, March, 2016.

Check out the official trailer and the teaser trailer on YouTube.

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Both posters designed by the talented Marcus Freij.